Practice Interview Event

Applications Close Monday 27 Sept, 11pm UK/BST

Why Practice Interviews?

Interviews are a difficult and stressful workplace hurdle that everyone has to face.

Especially so for people who stutter who often experience bias in interviews that favour spoken fluency over substance. They also face difficult decisions about whether or not, and how, to disclose their stutter.

It’s a “lose-lose” situation. People who stutter miss out on the right roles for their talents while employers miss out on talented employees, who often bring hard-earned strengths in resilience, empathy, creativity and listening.

This is where our Practice Interview Event comes in.

What’s in it for me?

There are 50 million reasons why you should take part!

Supported by TSB Bank, we’re collaborating with individuals and employers to provide interview practice for those who stutter – as well as for those interviewing them. It’s an opportunity to practice in a judgment-free environment and learn from people who really want you to succeed.

The context will be up to the interviewee to choose: it could be a practice interview for a new job, a promotion, or any other work situation where you’re expected to answer or ask questions under pressure.

You can get involved whether you stutter or not.

If you stutter, you can participate as an interviewee or an interviewer to improve your skills in either role.

If you don’t stutter, and work in HR, D&I or Talent Attraction, or your role includes interviewing people, you can participate as an interviewer.

Interviewees who stutter must be age 18 upwards and interviewers age 25 upwards.

When is it and how will it work?

The event will start on Monday 18th October and conclude on the Wednesday 20th October.

Mon 18: 16:00 – 17:30
Mandatory Briefing for all participants led by Pamela Mertz, National Stuttering Association USA, Sam Simpson, Redefining Stammering, UK

Mon 18 to Weds 20
1:1 online practice interviews and feedback sessions – 1 hour each (arranged by participants)

Weds 20 16:00 – 17:00
Group Feedback session led by Pamela Mertz, National Stuttering Association USA, Sam Simpson, Redefining Stammering, UK.

To help ensure the quality of the experience, it is mandatory for all interviewees and interviewers to attend the Briefing session. Non-attendance will result in immediate withdrawal from the programme.

Pamela, who stutters, brings extensive experience of leading practice interview days for people who stutter, including with Wall Street banks. She also offers online practice interviews as part of her role leading the ‘Stuttering at Work’ project for the National Stuttering Association in the USA.

Sam is a UK speech and language therapist who brings deep experience of working with adults who stutter in the workplace. She is a leading advocate for Stuttering Pride and is co-editor of the highly acclaimed book ‘Stammering Pride and Prejudice – Difference not Defect’.

We will create interview pairs by using the information you provide to us to match you with your interviewees / interviewers. We will advise you of the name and contact details of your interviews / interviewer in advance. You should then contact them to agree the timing and platform you will use for your interview.

You will be free to arrange your online interviews using your preferred medium (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype etc). These can take place any time between the initial briefing and the feedback session.

Each interview will last for an hour including time for feedback between the interviewer and interviewee.

The ending Group Feedback session, also led by Pamela and Sam, is an opportunity to share your experiences and learn from others, including from participants from different countries and cultures.

How much time will I need to commit?

We’re asking for a minimum of 4 hours of your time to cover your preparation, the briefing, one interview and the feedback session.

What about different languages?

50 Million Voices is active many countries with a rich diversity of language, culture, and attitudes towards stuttering. Therefore, it’s possible that you’ll be paired with someone from a different country and time zone with the learning opportunity that brings.

How can I get involved?

Applications will close on Monday 27 September and we’ll let you know after this date if you’ve been successful.

There are separate application forms for interviewees and interviewers:

Interviewee application form

Interviewer application form

Successful applicants will then be sent further details of the event. If you are unsuccessful, we will of course let you know.

Thank you for your interest and if you have any questions, please email us at

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