Globally, 50 million people of employable age stutter

People who stutter frequently experience prejudice. Equally, employers are missing out on talent and strengths which people who stutter often have.

50 Million Voices is an ambitious global initiative. We provide leadership to help transform the world of work for people who stutter – benefitting employers and society too.

Experience and research suggests stuttering results in strengths such as creativity, resilience, empathy and listening – skills that will give employers an edge in the rapidly changing workplace of the future.

Our vision

“A world where everyone who stutters can enjoy a rewarding working life and where more employers benefit from our talents and strengths”

Launched in 2019, we’ve brought together stuttering leaders from 15 countries to share ideas and best practice at work – with each other and with inclusive employers.

We are all neuro-diverse and employers seek diversity for success. We regard stuttering as:

    • a different, not defective, way of speaking
    • part of valuing neurodivergency more widely
    • part of wider discussions on, for example, mental health, ethnicity and parenting.
“The main reason I joined my new employer is because they have a stuttering network.
The work is similar to my old firm, but the culture is different and I’m thriving now.”
Tax Executive, London

Getting started

Several leading employers already include stuttering related activities in their Talent, Diversity & Inclusion and Community programmes. They’ve been surprised how easy this is – and by the excellent payback.

We’d be delighted to:

  • Help you explore ways to include stuttering in some of your own activities
  • Show you how this could bring benefits to your organisation
  • Answer any questions you may have.

Learn more

Our website is currently in development. Full website coming soon.

50 Million Voices countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Spain, UK and USA.

Please contact us for information or enquiries